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Gun Safes : The society’s focus on gun safety has ramped up the popularity of gun safes. Responsible gun owners sooner or later invest in this type of safe.

As you probably know by now, we stock a wide range of safes and AMERICAN SECURITY SAFES is our preferred vender. Their quality and attention to small details makes them one of the best safe manufacturers in the world. Because of our high volume of sales, we have been able to get some pretty remarkable pricing and we pass those savings on to you.

AMERICAN SECURITY SAFES come in many sizes and are known for their broad spectrum of security ratings and for their highly acclaimed industry best fire protection.

All gun safes are designed to maintain an interior temperature of 350 degrees in fires ranging in temperatures of 1100 to 1850 degrees. Check the specs or with a Michael’s Keys locksmith to see which is best suited for your needs.


AMSEC Series Gun Safes

Gun Safe

Other AMSEC models of gun safes range from thirty minutes (TF Series) to two hours (BF Series) fire ratings.

Depending on the size of safe there are many interior packages to hold as few as 11 and as many as 74 weapons.

All AMERICAN SECURITY gun safes include a personal door organizer and can store one or two long weapons and two to four handguns.

Both TF Series safes come in Black Textured finish only and Chrome trim.

Both support an ESL5 electronic illuminated keypad, 2 stage fire seals with silicone seal on door jamb and expandable PALUSOL seal on the door.

We have Premium Packages available on some series.

The TF Series:


  • The TF5517E5  is the smallest gun safe available from AMERICAN SECURITY with dimensions of  55.25”H X 17.34”W X 16”D.
  • The safe stores 11 long rifles in the body. 
  • The personal door organizer holds two handguns plus other item.
  • The TF5517 has a thirty minute fire rating in a twelve hundred degree fire.
  • Weight 286 pounds
  • Four pre-drilled holes in the floor makes the TF5517 one of the safest small safes on the market
  • Full one year parts and labor warranty.


  • The TF5924E5 is a little larger with dimensions of 59”H X 24”W X 18”D.
  • Thirty minute fire rating.
  • 14 – 1.5 inch solid steel locking bolts
  • Two top and two bottom door bolts to prevent pry infiltration of the safe.
  • Twelve gauge outer steel
  • Two layers of fire insulation
  • Lifetime warranty against fire and break-in **
  • 3.25” thick door with a 3/16” full front door steel plate
  • Holds 16 long rifles in the body and 1 long rifle with two pistols on the Personal Door Organizer.


The FV Series:


  • Dimensions of 59”H X 30”W X 21”D.
  • The safe stores 22 long rifles in the body
  • Extra storage of 2 long rifles and 4 handguns plus other items on the Personal Door Organizer
  • The FV6032E5 has a 45 minute fire rating in a twelve hundred degree fire
  • Weighs 578 pounds
  • Four pre-drilled holes in the floor

**A premium package is available for this safe which includes a dehumidifier, LED light system and motion sensor.


  • Dimensions of 59”H X 30”W X 26”
  • has 14 – 1.25 inch solid steel locking bolts including two top and two bottom door bolts.
  • 12 gauge outer body steel and two layers of fire insulation make for a very strong safe enclosure.
  •  3.58” thick door with a 3/16” full front door steel plate.
  • The safe body holds 30 long rifles
  • Plus 2 long rifles and two pistols on the Personal Door Organizer.
  • A new ultra smooth cam driven lock system with increased handle rotation.

**A premium package is available for this safe which includes a dehumidifier, LED light system and motion sensor.


MK Series


Of course we sell all the AMSEC models, but because of our privileged affiliation with AMSEC Safes,  we have worked with them to design several safes to our specifications. Some of the enhanced features of the MK series (Michael’s Keys) include  a full six inch thick door and three layers of ballistic steel with two one inch layers of high strength concrete exceeding 12000 PSI with a high density high-strength ceramic matrix making up all five sides of the body. This MK gun safe includes lighting , a dehumidifier, and a mirror to help reflect the light into the storage area. Also, the door can be adapted with a personal door organizer.

(Some restrictions apply)

We recommend AMSEC Safes – the security and value leader!

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